Glass double edging machine

Glass double edging machine

Brief introduction:
SSZB2015/25/30/40 is available in different models (from1500mm to 4000mm of width), each of which produced in 20 spindles
(10cups wheels per side , and the  safety corner cutting is option), differing only in their maximum processing dimensions.
 Adopt PLC for controlling.

SSZB2015/25/30/40 Glass straight-line double edging machine is suitable for grinding two parallel straight-line edge
of flat glass, rough, fine, polishing and corner grinding finished at one time, its feature of high precision, efficiency
 and stable .the lathe bed use the double straight-line guide rail and ball-bearings, the drive is smooth and reliable.
The product adopts the PLC control, speed control by inverter. Set parameter via the Human-machine interface.
The operation is easy and convenient.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SSZB2025
Brand Name: Sunrise

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