Glass Straight line angle changing machine

Technical Specifications:
1. Processing glass thickness: 3?28mm
2. Miter angle?0°?60°
3. Min size processing glass?80mm×80mm
4. Processing speed?0.75?3.75m/min
5. Installation power: 20.3KW
6. Dimension of main machine: 4.4m(length) ×1.2m(width) ×1.7m(height)
General Information:
1.This product is mainly used for the grinding of straight edge and multiple angle edges of glass.
2.The adjustment of thickness and edge angle of glass are controlled by PLC.
3.Input and output conveyor adopt timing belt which can improve the transmission precision.
4.It is featured in easy adjustment and wide application, and coarse grinding, fine grinding, and polishing of straight edges can be finished once.
5.The polishing grinding wheel uses pneumatic compensation, ensuring the stability of polishing quality of grinding edge, and it is the first choice for cold processing industry of artistic glass and furniture glass.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SJB9P
Brand Name: Sunrise

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